Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Salty Bob and the Pirate Queen

More Salty Bob goodness, and the mighty Pirate Queen. I would love to draw these guys up in a comic one of these days.

Pretty Fairy

I posted this one on my Deviantart site a little while ago, so heres the side by side version.

Gypsy girl doodle

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Another old gem

Salty Bob was my signature character from 2nd year, and if you look back at some of my old posts you can see that I used to draw him a lot. Heres a doodle did a year or two ago in one of my flash classes (Sorry Ron!).

An Update....kinda

Well, a year has flown by already.

I've been working for most the of last year or so, mostly animating, with a few odd jobs between contracts.

I haven't really done too much drawing in my free time (gasp...its been a year!), except for a few sketches here and there. I was able to find this picture from a few years ago that I thought I would post, just a simple cleaned up sketch of one of my characters running. Yeah....I need to get drawing again.